How to Draw a Turtle with a Mandala Design

Looking for a helpful tutorial on how to draw a turtle?  Watch Brite Crown's video on how to draw a turtle using a mandala design.

What is a Mandala Design?

Mandala Designs can be drawn using circles or squares in patterns to create a detailed effect that's fun to look at it.  Typically, mandala designs use repeating colors.

Why Draw a Turtle?

Turtles can be easy to draw for beginners because they're of roundness and familiar shape. We think turtles are pretty neat creatures to draw by themselves, but with the mandala design, you can really create an amazing & unique piece of artwork!

Drawing a mandala turtle is loads of fun and lets you work on a variety of patterns across the shell, head and limbs.


How'd you like this video about how to draw a mandala turtle? What other types of line art designs are you interested in learning about?