Artist of the Month

Sign Up to Be Brite Crown's Artist of the Month

We're now accepting new artwork submissions from young artists that use Brite Crown products for our November Artist of the Month!  Scroll down on this page to sign up and submit your artwork.  To be considered for our November Artist of the Month, you must have your submission in no later than October 25th.

Are You Here to Vote?

If you've landed on this web page and you're looking for the place to vote on your friend's artwork, visit this link and you'll see latest artwork you can vote on:  Click Here to Place Your Vote

Note:  If you don't see your friend's artwork, it's possible we have not reviewed & approved it yet. Please be patient!  All votes must be in by the 25th of the month to count!

How it Works

•  Step 1: Submit your artwork using the form below. Please be sure to fill out all the necessary details.
•  Step 2: We'll Review Your Art and Publish it to be voted on by your peers.
•  Step 3: Have your friends vote on your artwork for the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card + a Shout Out on our Website and Social.

Who Can Enter

While most people who use our products are young artists, we invite everyone that has products from Brite Crown to participate and submit their artwork.  Winners will be decided each month based on the # of Votes your artwork has.

Artist of the Month: October

Name:  Summer B.
City: Katy, TX
IG Handle: @SumPopp
Artwork:  Watercolor Dog