Watercolor Tutorials

Discover how to paint unique artwork, watercolor techniques, and more! > View all watercolor tutorials

How to paint a watercolor flower

Have you ever seen beautifully painted watercolor flowers?  We're always mesmerized by the look of them and wanted to show you how to make them too!

How to create feathering effects with watercolor pens

Have you ever wanted to create an interesting feathering texture with watercolor? Well this video tutorial shows you how to use watercolor brush pe...

How to create a watercolor butterfly with watercolor pencils and fineliner ink pens

In this tutorial, we'll create a vibrant butterfly using watercolor pencils and then outlining the butterfly with black fineliner ink pens. This ap...

Drawing Tutorials

Learn how to use pen, pencil, drawing sticks and other mediums to improve your drawing techniques. > View all drawing tutorials

How to Draw a Turtle with a Mandala Design

Looking for a helpful tutorial on how to draw a turtle?  Watch Brite Crown's video on how to draw a turtle using a mandala design.

How to draw a mountain landscape with ink pens

Landscapes are typically associated with watercolors or traditional paints. But if you're up for a challenge, why not take on the depth and texture...